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Carol Marden, RN, BSN, JD
(CEO, Marden Educational Services, LLC)

Carol is a registered nurse and attorney with experience in nursing management, acute care, community nursing and nursing malpractice. A graduate of Syracuse University School of Nursing, and the University of Florida College of Law, she is a leader in teaching nurses how to protect themselves in regards to the current health care laws. As a nurse herself, she knows how important it is to understand the legal ramifications of administering health care. She has studied the subject of nursing law extensively and feels it is her duty to spread her knowledge of health care legislation to fellow health care professionals.

Email Carol: ism@marden-ed.com

Ivan Marden, RN, BSN, MS

Ivan is a registered nurse with many years of experience in Intensive Care and Emergency Medical Services working both in the private and military sectors. He has worked in the hospital setting as well as other health care environments. Ivan holds a Baccalaureate in Nursing and Masters of Science in Decision and Information Systems. He is a member of the National Continuity of Care Record (CCR) committee. This committee is developing the framework for electronic health information.

Email Ivan: ism@marden-ed.com